7 march numerology

But this is a time that will likely bring forth an important opportunity, and result in real progress. It's surprising, therefore, that against such a serious and work-oriented backdrop, romance can bloom. Someone is impressed with your down-to-earth, go-getter approach and your can-do mentality.

You will probably find yourself in demand. It brings some relief from last month's frustrating efforts to persuade others and to keep track of the details. This month will be hectic with some unexpected changes, so don't try to plan everything down to its final detail. Instead, be flexible and adapt to whatever comes your way. The expression "go with the flow" is an important motto for you for most of this month, and you will be astonished by coincidences in which timing is crucial. Don't make financially risky decisions this month, especially involving business.

Check and double-check all your facts before going forward with your plans. Be skeptical! However, your ability to promote yourself, your plans, or a product is enhanced now. There will be many social events and opportunities this month, so take advantage of them. The chances of meeting new people who can support you in your endeavors are especially good. A letter or phone call from someone you haven't heard from in a long time may surprise you.

It's high noon for romance, but be warned: you may not be as discriminating and cautious as you should be.

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Allow your rational mind to take a critical look at flattering admirer s. It brings family affairs and issues involving relationships to center stage. You may be asked to sacrifice some of your time and energy to help others. A parent or child may need more care and attention than usual. Answer the call and you should be rewarded with a wonderful experience of love and closeness. Many people with this combination of numbers will make a deep commitment of love, or even get married this month.

At the same time, separation and divorce are possible, since the theme of this month is commitment to your true feelings. Confrontations are unavoidable in all troubled relationships. While these trends may be difficult and painful, the forces are working at clarifying your relationships. Your work situation will be rather demanding as more responsibility may be transferred to you. However, the reward is right around the corner May and June should bring the payoff. This month is filled with the mystery of life, and should bring some significant changes in your outlook.

You are aware that you are developing spiritually. This is not a good time to deny important issues in your life, or be superficial about significant matters.

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Your dreams are vivid, and if you take some time immediately after awakening to contemplate their meaning, you have the potential to gain some insights that uplift you and raise your confidence in your life's direction. You are mentally sharp and creative now, solving problems and gaining insight into things that have floated in the background of your consciousness for some time. This is a period of hard work -- possibly overtime -- juxtaposed with much soul searching and the need for quiet contemplation.

The end of an activity, situation or relationship may be felt very deeply. And, of course, it will. But for now, it is time to say goodbye to that part of you that has to leave if your personal re-invention is to become a reality. Expressing them is the only way to evolve into your higher self. There is no point in holding on to a responsibility that is no longer yours.

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It is far easier to let something go in this cycle than at any other time. This is a time to discard old things and to clean up the debris within your personal life. End areas of misunderstanding by allowing your feelings to surface truthfully. End imbalances or power struggles and allow peace and understanding to replace them. Wherever guilt or control are present, love is not.

Harmony, forgiveness, equality, and tolerance are the positive factors of this emotional month, while you are simultaneously reaffirming who you are and what you stand for. Whatever comes to an end now, or needs to come to an end, will set the tone for the next 12 months. Your upcoming 7 Year is a cycle of reflection, study, learning, analyzing, thinking, and planning your way into the existence you want for yourself. If this is not what you had in mind for the new year, understand that learning and evolving is our purpose for being here and that each of us has a unique creative role to play within that purpose.

It is also in the 7 Year that we gain the wisdom and expertise with which to perfect our creative purpose. But for now, end this year by demonstrating just how much you have learned about love, freedom, and responsibility. Feel the love that surrounds you and let those who matter to you know how much you appreciate them. Love them for who they are instead of wishing they were somehow different. Allow December to be a very special time for home, family, romance, harmony, and beauty. Traditionally, this is the time of year when sentimentality arises, hearts are softened, wrongs are forgiven, and presents are exchanged.

In this cycle, the most valuable present of all is NOW: the moment; the present.

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Fill it with love and equality and give it to everyone around you. Exchange your present with the present of someone else simply by accepting their reality. Let go of the past by accepting it fully into the present. Your past is part of who you are now, and therefore your past is something to be accepted with love. Whatever you have loved and learned this year — whatever feels good — never forget it.

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Hold on to that love and understanding as January 1st arrives, and you cross over into the 7 Year cycle of wisdom and understanding — the great inner voyage — the learning year. In this cycle of new beginnings, origins, change, achievement, awareness, and ambition, you may feel overly self-centered. However, your eagerness to surge ahead may be premature. Be careful how you treat others, especially those whose cooperation and support you will need in the months to come. Make a constructive change or move closer to making such a change in the future.

Accept them and work to strengthen them. Recognize areas of dependency that are still holding you back.

hunthatapmisin.ml This cycle urges independence. But how can you be independent if your happiness depends on factors outside of yourself? Consider your addictions and obsessions — those things or people you think you cannot survive without, or you believe are holding you back. Commit to finding ways to become more self-reliant. Look forward — and see the potential awaiting you.

Express your individuality, originality, creativity, and confidence. Look ahead rather than dwell in the past or cling to traditions that inhibit and control. Being yourself, and moving at your own natural pace at any given time are the keys to making this cycle a successful one. However, being yourself does not mean going to unrealistic lengths to be different. It means recognizing and appreciating who and what you naturally are without putting on an act or downplaying your talents or appearance.

Being yourself means being yourself.