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Truman was reelected president.

New York Governor Thomas Dewey was defeated in an election that was not close You only need to survey a limited number of people to accurately reflect what the total population is thinking. Reality tells a different story. The accepted explanation was that socalled shy Tories were voting Conservative after telling pollsters they would not. The general elections held in and also demonstrated this. Some white voters give inaccurate polling responses for fear that they will be criticized of racial motivation. The current opinion polls on the upcoming Senate race has led some to say that the Commission on Elections Comelec should stop survey companies from releasing preelection survey results.

Another comment is that these opinion polls are conditioning the mind of the electorate to accept a particular outcome. There is a huge amount of hypocrisy for a candidate to bash opinion polls.

A critical job of a campaign manager is to use polls to discover where the candidate has weak numbers. If a Senate hopeful is losing the votes of jeepney drivers or performing poorly in a vote-rich province, within a few days there will be a campaign stop to talk to the jeepney drivers in that province. These surveys are sometimes flawed, can be used to push a political agenda and may or may not sway public opinion. However, they do offer a necessary insight into how the election process is proceeding. Since candidates use this information, the public also has a right to know the results. Since ARD work, in our society, is recognized and rewarded.

In many industries and organizations, the hard worker who stays behind when everyone else has left and he or she who is first before the rest arrives is seen as more dedicated or more hardworking. I remember reading a couple of news items about workers in advertising agencies who did far too many hours of overtime even when they were already feeling ill.

There have been reports of the same thing happening to call-center agents, known for unnatural work schedules that often lead to fatigue and. Anthony C. Cabangon Lourdes M. Fernandez Jennifer A.

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Ng Vittorio V. Vitug Lorenzo M. Lomibao Jr. Ramos Lyn B.

BusinessMirror August 15, by BusinessMirror - Issuu

Resurreccion, Efleda P. Campos Dennis D. Judge Pedro T. Santiago Ret. Benjamin V. Ramos Adebelo D. Editorial ; Fax line: Advertising Sales ; , Circulation ; to E-mail: news businessmirror. Some sources go on to suggest that some of those who do overtime are actually the inefficient workers. The wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine dictates that human beings need to be in deep sleep for a. Japan is also known for its long work hours, and here at home, the phenomenon is not unheard of. More recently, the entertainer Chokoleit died after a live show.

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It was obvious in the video that circulated online that he was already feeling unwell while he was onstage. This work culture is also seen in the US, China, Korea and other countries. There are employees and bosses. As a society, the way we view overtime, stress and workaholics must change.

Overall health, work-life balance and the general well-being of workers must be given more value in our fast-paced work environment. In the end, healthy workers are more effective and more productive. The complaint alleged that the quality of the Manila Bay had fallen way below the allowable standards set by law, specifically Presidential Decree of the Philippine Environment Code. The complainants alleged the continuing neglect of these. On September 13, , the RTC rendered a decision in favor of the complainants and ordered the government agencies concerned, jointly and severally, to clean up and rehabilitate Manila Bay and directed the DENR as the lead agency, within six months to act and perform their respective duties by devising a consolidated, coordinated and concerted scheme of action for the rehabilitation and restoration of Manila Bay.

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It took the Philippine government 10 long years to heed the decision of the Supreme Court. With the confidence gained during the Boracay cleanup, President Duterte on January 8, , mandated a major cleanup of the Manila Bay, warning hotels and other establishments in the area to refrain from dumping their waste into Manila Bay or else they face closure.

To most of these agencies and their official compliment, the pollution menace does not seem to carry the high national priority it deserves, if their track records are to be norm. Their cavalier attitude towards solving, if not mitigating, the environmental pollution problem, is a sad. Some doctors advise that bedtime should be at 10 p.

The body needs to be at rest from this time until about 3 in the morning, for optimum health. This is something that our lawmakers and even the private and public institutions and organizations must look at. Definitely, there is a need to increase efforts to make more people aware of the dangers of stress and overwork. Work-life balance and the welfare of workers must be prioritized. At the core of this case is the Manila Bay, a place with a proud historic past, once brimming with marine life and, for so many decades in the past, a spot for different contact recreation activities, but now a dirty and slowly dying expanse mainly because of the object official indifference of people and institutions that could otherwise have made a difference.

With the confidence gained during the Boracay cleanup, President Rodrigo Duterte on January 8, , mandated a major cleanup of the Manila Bay, warning hotels and other establishments in the area to refrain from dumping their waste into Manila Bay or else they face closure. In a speech before local officials during the Barangay Summit on Peace and Order, President Duterte announced that he had ordered the environment secretary to start cleaning up Manila Bay. As early as , Architect Felino Palafox Jr.

From January 1, , the levy will be raised by 4 percent annually. I am concerned though on how easy it is for our legislators to amend certain provisions of the sin tax law, even if the full impact of such original provisions have yet to be attained.

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If we liken the legislative exercise to a basketball game, it is like changing pivot during mid-game. This is definitely not a good play for affected industry stakeholders. But nonetheless, they would have to make certain adjustments to their operations, if only to keep their company operationally viable. I support the Universal Health. Care Law. But at least, what our legislators could have done was to spread the source of funds for its implementation to other dutiable products, as well.

It is when taken excessivley that makes distilled spirits bad. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday. And sticking to the original play on the sin tax law would be most beneficial to the government, industry stakeholders and the Filipinos. Y the time this article is published, Philippine Airlines will be using a different Passenger Service System, which is responsible for managing several customer transactions with airlines.

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However, as in any transition from one system to another, PAL expected some rectifiable errors that may impact its ability to deliver the desired customer experience—from booking to check-in to departure. During a reasonable yet time-bound system upgrade period, PAL customers will likely experience difficulty in booking, rebooking, rerouting and refunds.

She and her team spent long hours tirelessly checking, validating and reviewing internal processes that may affect information integrity and, more importantly, anticipating possible systems glitches along the way. As part of its preparation, the team even had to undergo several Business Rehearsals to test the full capability of. Dina May also had to oversee both the system and the persons who will be handling the system after the migration.

First, the migration to a new and expectedly better PSS coincided. SMUG, entitled business class driven by greed and hubris, but sorely lacking in resources to legitimize their control. I could be describing the India Inc.